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Steel Solutions

With more than 10 years of experience, we have delivered the highest quality of Steel products to our clients in Indonesia. we have a comprehensive range of Steel products that are specially designed to the unique challenges of each application.

Relying on our international network, ensuring that our Steel Solutions are aligned with industry standard and best practices.

  • Offshore Heavy Structural Steel (Tubulars, Plates, Beams, Channels)
  • Carbon steel pipes (HF-ERW, SMLS, LSAW)
  • Exotic pipes (CRA, Duplex, Super duplex)
  • Cryogenic steel pipes and fittings
  • Hot Induction Bend Pipe


  • Steel pipes and cones for legs, bracings, piles and caissons
  • Pre-fabricated legs and bracings, including profiling
  • Pre-fabricated sleeves and conductor guides
  • Conductor and riser pipes
  • Monopiles and transition pieces
  • Piles for jackets
  • Suction piles
  • Installation tools and equipment (followers, spreader bars, ballast weights etc.)
  • Fully assembled legs for jack-up rigs

Process Pipes

We provide high quality steel pipesĀ  that are meet with our client expectation for applications in:

  • Power Plants
  • Gas Treatment Plants Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • LNG Terminals

Line Pipes

  • Straight steel pipes
  • Conductor pipes
  • Strain-based design pipes
  • Induction bends
  • Buckle arrestors
  • Pipes for finger-type slug catcher facilities
  • Compressor station piping
  • Pipes and eccentric reducers for pig receivers / launchers
  • Riser pipes / riser pipe systems incl. bends
  • Pipes for gas storage